- supplies the music for the Virtua_LM mods

-Website of the author of "A French Kiss with Death" Michael Keyer, who is helping us with GTX5
-fantastic track information database
-Technical and historical information about Group 5, Group C, GTX and GTP race cars (among others!). In French.
-The technical side of modern sports car racing. Mike Fuller is helping out on the Prototype-C mod as a technical consultant.
-All the results from all sports car races ever!
-Racing photos including Group C and DRM
-Amazing photographic and race result archive for sports car racing
-New sport car site. Some great photos and writing!

Simracing friends:

Emac F1
- Makers of the well-known F1 mods for F1 Challenge and... our hosts

- A nice place for french simracing. Home of the Virtua_LM french forum

Racing Sim Developers Group (RSDG)
- Makers of the Sports Car Challenge mod for F1C and of the Megane Trophy mod for rFactor

- Race online with F1 Challenge 99-02 and rFactor