Prototype-C All-In-One Package released
Prototype-C All-In-One

Prototype-C All-In-One Package has been released. To enjoy 3 years of passion for the Group C era, just download this huge piece of software with the original Mod and all Service Packs and patchs included.
Prototype-C All-In-One Package
(688 MB)
Prototype-C All-In-One Patch

A little patch for the Prototype-C All-In-One package. This patch solves the following problems :
- wrong game language for non-english game
- missing pitcrews
- CTD at Magny-Cours, Monza and Nurburgring
Prototype-C All-In-One Patch v2
(130 KB)

Service Pack 4 Patch v1.41 for the Prototype-C Mod released
Prototype-C V1.41

Prototype-C Patch v1.41 has been released featuring 2 new cars and few bug fixes and enhancements. Read this thread at the RaceSimCentral Forums for a complete list of the new features.
SP4 Patch v1.41
(28 MB)

Service Pack 4 for the Prototype-C Mod released
Prototype-C V1.40

Service Pack 4 for Prototype-C has been released featuring 105 new cars, 1 new track and a lot of bug fixes and enhancements. See this thread at the RaceSimCentral Forums for a complete list.
Service Pack 4
(270 MB)

Prototype-C - DVD sleeve released
Prototype-C - DVD sleeve

A DVD sleeve for the Prototype C Mod has been released. Switch on your printer and create your own DVD with all Prototype C files.
Prototype C - DVD sleeve
(6 MB)
Prototype-C - DVD disc label

Prototype C - DVD disc label
(2 MB)

Service Pack 3 Patch v1.31 for the Prototype-C Mod released
Prototype-C V1.31

Patch v1.31 for Service Pack 3 of Prototype-C has been released featuring 3 new cars and dozens of bug fixes and enhancements. See this thread at the RaceSimCentral Forums for a complete list.
SP3 Patch v1.31
(70 MB)

Service Pack 3 for the Prototype-C Mod released
Prototype-C V1.30

Service Pack 3 for Prototype-C has been released featuring many new cars and historic tracks. These include the Porsche 956, 956B, 962, 962C, 962-CK6, 962-Joest IMSA92/93; Lancia LC-2; and Jaguar XJR-5. It also features these historic courses : 1976-1987 Brands Hatch, 1974-1985 Fuji, 1970-1981 Hockenheim, 1958-1987 Laguna Seca, and 1987-1989 Le Mans.
Service Pack 3
(188 MB)

Service Pack 2 for the Prototype-C Mod released
Prototype-C V1.20

Service Pack 2 for Prototype-C has been released featuring the IMSA92 mini-season. It includes Toyota Eagles and Intrepid RM1/Chevrolet GTPs for 1991, 1992, and 1993 seasons and the Jaguar XJR-14GTP for the 1992 and 3.5L seasons. It also features the Rolex24 and Phoenix road-ovals as well as reworked versions of Mid Ohio, Sebring, Laguna Seca, and NT Watkins Glen.

IMSA92 will be added as a separate ranking at so get ready to compete in this American championship of high power, high downforce machines.
Service Pack 2
(160 MB)

IMSA 1992 Season Video Released

As a preview for the upcoming release of Prototype-C Service Pack 2, Virtua_LM has created two movie trailers of new IMSA92 Season. Movie #1 has Chevrolet GTPs at the Rolex24 track. Movie #2 has Toyota Eagles at Phoenix. Check 'em out and let us know what you think! You need the latest version of Quicktime installed on your machine to watch the movies.
(50 MB)

Service Pack 1 for the Prototype-C Mod released
Prototype-C V1.10

This service pack contains the amazing new Mazda 787Bs with their awesome rotary engine sounds. It also has a few other fixes and enhancements.
Service Pack 1
(10 MB)

Patch v1.01 for the Prototype-C Mod released
Prototype-C V1.01

  • New Gizmo.mas and Options.mas for the black fix
  • Edited all season gdbs for a 4 hour time limit instead of 2
  • Tweaked all SCN files for good rearview settings
  • Brands gdb no longer says Donington
  • Fuji looks for Fuji.svm setups and has its own setup folder
  • Toyota & Jaguar mirror fixes plus other updates
  • Moved the fuel rig guy so he doesn't stick the hose inside the cockpit of some cars
  • Intermediate/wet tread transparency fixed
  • New HDVs to fix the tire selection in race problem
  • A few new TBCs
  • Optional internal mirror for people who have to see what's behind them
  • Fixed a bunch of Allard and NP35 Nissan SVM brake balance problems
  • Correct Brun flag
  • Correct spelling of Coppelli
  • Jag updates including the reversed FIA logo
  • Mazda reversed FIA logo fixed
  • NP35WN.tga resized properly
  • New EVO1BIS monza setup
  • Many more SVMs
Prototype-C Patch
(24 MB)

Prototype-C Mod For F1 99-02 Challenge released
Prototype-C V1.00

A collection of the fastest, most extreme prototypes that ever raced. In the early 90s sports cars shared a similar set of technical regs to F1, it was the end of the Group C era, but it produced some stunning, exotic machines which were often just as fast at their F1 counterparts. This mod includes 31 3.5L Group C sportscars including the SWC champion Jaguar XJR-14, Le Mans winning Peugeot 905s, and experimental Peugeot 905 Evo2. It addition there are three brand new courses - Fuji, Jerez, and Rouen; two corrected courses - Monza of 1993 and Nurburgring of 1991; and three courses from GTR2002 - Brands Hatch, Donington, and Mugello.
Prototype-C Mod
(289 MB)

LM99 for f1 2001
The LM99 Mod for F1 2001

Here it is, the FINAL release of the LM99 mod!
LM99 Final
(67 Mb)

please replace the R8R.tbc file in the LM99 Vehicles directory with the following file. Otherwise the AI R8Rs are way too fast compared to the other cars.
R8R Update
(2 Kb)