If you're interested in the people behind all these incredible mod's, here's a short bio of the current Virtua_LM crew.

   Track Modelling
Nationality Belgian
Location XinDian, Taiwan
Status Married, 1 daughter
Motorsports addictions Sports Cars, GTs, Moto GP
Career Consultant
First computer ZX Spectrum 48K
First videogame addiction F1 99-02 Challenge
First car VW Beetle
Notable pilgrimages Spa each year most events 69-84, TT Isle of Man
Other hobbies/interests/skills Computer programming
Currently listening to morning news

   Archive, Counselor
Nationality German
Location near Norisring, Bavaria
Status single
Drives 1991 Porsche 944 S2 Cabrio (my "Black Diva")
Motorsports addictions Group C / IMSA spec. Porsche 956/962 nearly all modern racing series but not Formula 1 (too boring)
Career car mechanic, car merchant, but now back to school
First computer Amiga 500
First videogame addiction Racing Games, Sci-Fi Simulators
First car Audi 80
Other hobbies/interests/skills RC-Car, Computers, TV/Video, Music
Currently listening to Godsmack, Aerosmith, Metallica, H-Blockx, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, but sometimes: Gregorians

Nationality French
Location Nice
Status 1 sweet girlfriend
Drives Alfa Romeo 147
Motorsports addictions WRC, Le Mans, touring cars
Notable motorsports pilgrimages Rally Monte-Carlo, Rallye d'Antibes, Monaco F1 Grand Prix
Career Software development
First computer Amstrad CPC 464
First videogame addiction Test Drive 2
First car Renault Clio
Other hobbies/interests/skills Music, Cinema
Currently listening to Linkin Park, Audioslave, Placebo, U2

  3D modelling, physics
Nationality Dutch
Location Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands
Status Single
Drives Mountain-bike (hey, I'm a Dutch student...)
Motorsports addictions Formula 1, Le Mans, WRC, CART
Software skills 3dsmax, MatLab, Maple, Pro-Engineer
Career Studying aerospace engineering, majoring in racecar aerodynamics
First videogame addiction Super Mario Bros
First car Car? What's that?
Notable motorsports pilgrimages DTM 2001 Zandvoort, ELMS 1000km 2000, European F1 GP 2001
Other hobbies/interests/skills Cycling, skating, nunchaku-do
Currently listening to The incessant humming of my HD....

  Tracks AIW / Cam / 3D
Nationality Italian
Location Aschaffenburg, Germany
Status Single
Drives BMW 323ti, 840Ci 4.4l (well... at least stays in my garage)
Motorsports addictions Endurance races, F1
Career Electro-technics engineering
First computer Commodore C64
First videogame addiction Atari Decathlon
First car Alfa Romeo 33
Notable motorsports pilgrimages Few DTM races, Nordschleife 24H
Other hobbies/interests/skills My cars
Currently listening to Toto, Billy Joel

Nationality Dutch
Location The Netherlands
Status Living with my girlfriend
Drives Peugeot 306 xsi
Motorsports addictions 24 hour races, rally
Career Car sign business
First computer Phillips msx 1
First videogame addiction Motorhead!!
First car Opel Kadett 2.0 gte 1977
Notable motorsports pilgrimages Driving the Nordschleife myself in a porsche 944. Assen, Zandvoort, Spa
Other hobbies/interests/skills Mixing music, 3D, video editing
Currently listening to Adventures of Flash on the Wheels of Steel & The Power mashupmix

  3D modelling
Nationality Scottish
Location Switzerland
Status Single
Drives Jaguar S-Type 4.2
MK1 Escort RS2000
Motorsports addictions WRC
Career B.Sc. Hons Mathematics
Working in Nuclear Disposal Research Company
First computer Some ancient things then an Amiga A1200 - still have it
First videogame addiction Sensible Soccer, WINGS, Indy 500
First car MK1 Escort 1300E
Notable motorsports pilgrimages RAC Rallys of the 80s Group B standing in freezing forests, some F1 (Italy, Germany), Hillclimbs
Other hobbies/interests/skills Worked as a mechanic, still tune and modify
Currently listening to -

Nationality German
Location Ratingen, Germany
Status Hopefully still alive
Drives GTL/GTR2/Race07
Career Network administrator / software developer
First computer Sinclair ZX-81
First videogame addiction Pong
First car Audi 80
Other hobbies/interests/skills Motocross Bikes
Currently listening to WDR2 (local radio)

Nationality Dutch
Location The Netherlands
Status Living with my girlfriend
Drives Peugeot 306 xsi
Motorsports addictions 24 hour races, rally
Career Car sign business
First computer Phillips msx 1
First videogame addiction Motorhead!!
First car Opel Kadett 2.0 gte 1977
Notable motorsports pilgrimages Driving the Nordschleife myself in a porsche 944. Assen, Zandvoort, Spa
Other hobbies/interests/skills Mixing music, 3D, video editing
Currently listening to Adventures of Flash on the Wheels of Steel & The Power mashupmix

  3D modelling
Nationality Catalan
Location Barcelona, Catalonia
Status Living with my girlfriend
Drives Hyundai Coupe
Motorsports addictions F1, WRC, MotoGP
Software skills 3DS Max, Photoshop
First computer Commodore C64
First videogame addiction Moon Cresta, Asteroids
First car Seat Ibiza 1.2
Notable motorsports pilgrimages Montjuich Park in the 70's, circuit de Catalunya, Rally Costa Brava
Other hobbies/interests/skills Gran Turismo video game saga, Sci-Fi Movies, 3D CG, cars, music, ping-pong
Currently listening to Depeche Mode, 70's, 80's

Nationality Canadian ( Quebec - French)
Location Sept-Îles
Status Virtually Married (no papers). One girl
Drives Legacy (2002 ) Manual.
Motorsports addictions Le Mans, F1, WRC, ALMS.
Software skills Corel Photopaint, Windows, SAP.
Career Help Desk & Field support for the maintenance Module of our integrated business system ( SAP ) 1000 users
First computer Synclair ( So far back I can't remember the model - 1K ram ZX1 ? )
First videogame addiction Pong
First car 1968 Pontiac 2+2
Notable motorsports pilgrimages Montreal F1 1981-89
Other hobbies/interests/skills Skiing, Golfing, Sailing ( not in a long while though)
Currently listening to Radiohead, ( Last One) Eeels, ( Last One) all kind of world music specially North African.

  3D tracks
Nationality German
Location Bremen, Germany
Drives Still carless :(
Motorsports addictions Former CART and Endurance Racing, be it Grand Am, ALMS or Le Mans itself. I'm watching just about everything though, even NASCAR Nationwide Series to F1 free practices.
Software Skills 3ds max, Photoshop, Z-Tree
First videogame addiction Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 2
Notable motorsports pilgrimages 2001 German Memorial 500, first CART event ever in Europe. Not the happiest races to be at though.
Other hobbies/interests/skills Football, sim racing, reading

Nationality French
Location Vendôme
Status Single
Drives Ford Mondeo Clipper
Aprilia Atlantic 125
Motorsports addictions Le Mans, FIA-GT
Career Industrial draughtsman (SolidEdge)
First computer Amstrad CPC6128
First car Renault 21 Nevada
Notable motorsports pilgrimages Le Mans since 1985, Le Mans Legends, 24H Proximus 2005, Endurance and FIA-GT events
Other hobbies/interests/skills Video games, home cinema
Currently listening to All and nothing

  2D/3D tracks
Nationality Brazilian
Location Canada
Status Living with my girlfriend
Drives Mazda3 Sport GT Hatchback 2.3
Motorsports addictions F1, Champ Cars, FIA-GT, FIA-Historics, ALMS
Career Commercial building operator
First computer 386DX
First videogame addiction Top Gear II
First car 1995 Chevrolet Lumina V6
Notable motorsports pilgrimages Toronto Cart races (since 1999), Montreal F1
Other hobbies/interests/skills Cars, building PCs, photography
Currently listening to Lots of current stuff

   Track AI
Nationality British
Location Scotland
Status Single
Drives X6
Motorsports addictions All, 2 wheels and 4
Career Steel fabricator / welder
First computer Spectrum ZX
First videogame addiction SCGT
First car Ford Escort Mk 2
Notable motorsports pilgrimages F1 Monza 2000, San Marino 2001
Other hobbies/interests/skills Music, computers, Sci-fi
Currently listening to Old stuff, but good stuff

   3D Modelling
Nationality German
Location Aachen, on the western border of Germany
Status Still single and free
Drives Renault R19
Motorsports addictions Le Mans, ALMS, Endurance Cup and 24h-Race Nürburgring, Historic Events
Software skills A little PSP, 3DS, I-DEAS and Z-Modeller and C
Career Made a grade as engineering mechanic after school and now studying aircraft design
First computer Commodore PC20
First videogame addiction Test Drive
First car Mum's old Renault R5, 2 doors, rust in every corner and a SOLEX Twin-Carburator
Notable motorsports pilgrimages First event: Oldtimer Grand Prix Nürburgring 1997; Most notable: 1000KM N'Ring 2000 (ELMS) - never been so wet in my whole live - and all 24h-races I've ever been - nothing is like the atmosphere on such an event, always exciting
Other hobbies/interests/skills Scale modelling (racing cars and aircrafts), listening to music, Simpsons and Futurama
Currently listening to Portishead, patiently waitin' for the new album...

   3D Modelling / 2D
Nationality French
Location Nice, France
Status Same girlfriend for the last 18 years, one 3 years old boy
Drives Ford Mondeo
Motorsports addictions Endurance, Rally and everything making Vrooaamm Vrooaam !
Career Citroën Genuine parts selling and storage
First computer C64
First videogame addiction Space Invaders
First car Peugeot 104 GL, modified to GR
Notable motorsports pilgrimages Monte-Carlo's rally , French GT at Lédénon circuit
Other hobbies/interests/skills Paragliding , Mountain-bike , RC gliders , Illustration ...
Currently listening to Anything between "A"...to..."Z"

  2D tracks
Nationality Brazilian
Location Brazil
Status Married
Drives Suzuki Bandit 1200 N
Motorsports addictions F1, Endurance Racing (Le Mans, GT, ...), CART, IRL, NASCAR, Brazilian V8 Stock Car, MotoGP
First computer IBM PC XT
First videogame addiction I don't remember (on Atari console)
First car Ford 1976
Notable motorsports pilgrimages Interlagos on many occasions; my favorite was GP Brazil 1976
Other hobbies/interests/skills Movies, Sim Racing , Modelism, RC-Airplanes
Currently listening to Pop, Samba

  Cars modelling
Nationality American
Location Virginia USA
Motorsports addictions ALMS, Rolex, MotoGP, F1, and of course the most crazy motorsport - The Isle of Man TT
Career Auto Mechanics - thinking about getting out of this career and pursuing a career in the 3D - 2D graphical field
First computer Pentium 133
First videogame addiction Atari - I loved pole position
First car My first car was a 1970 Mustang with a 351 Cleveland engine. GREAT car. Loved it
Notable motorsports pilgrimages None that I can think of
Other hobbies/interests/skills 3D modeling - 2D graphics - Racing Sims - working on cars - building real models
Currently listening to Mystic Miles - song from the Endurance mod. I love that type of music

  Cars modelling
Nationality English
Location 5 Miles from Donington Park
Status A wonderful girlfriend
Drives Renault Clio on the road, anything I can blag my way into on the track !
Motorsports addictions Group 5, Group C, Group B, 70's racing bikes
Career Student motorsport engineer
First computer Home built with 100mhz CPU and 16mb of RAM
First videogame addiction Screamer and Formula 1 by Psygnosis
First car 2003 Renault Clio 1.2 16v
Notable motorsports pilgrimages Mallory Park Post TT 2005/2006, Donington Park 1000km 2006
Other hobbies/interests/skills Model building (Group C cars of course, engine building, race car development, aviation, winter sports
Currently listening to Richard Cheese Tuxicity and Pink Floyd

  Track modelling
Nationality French
Location Etretat, FR
Status Married, 2 daughters (7 and 4 years)
Drives Renault Laguna and Peugeot 207
Motorsports addictions Le Mans
Career Driving school
First computer Amstrad 6128
First videogame addiction WEC Le Mans
First car Renault 12 TS
Notable motorsports pilgrimages Le Mans 24H race (2000 to 2005)
Other hobbies/interests/skills Manual work and my wife
Currently listening to Pop, Rock

  Painter & Decorator
Nationality English
Location London, UK
Status One patient girlfriend...
Drives Alfa Romeo GTV
Motorsports addictions Sports cars, Le Mans
Software skills Adobe graphics suite, DTP apps
Career Publishing Systems consultant for a magazine publishers
First computer Amstrad ZX81
First videogame addiction Space Invaders
First car VW Beetle 1303s
Notable motorsports pilgrimages Brands Hatch 1000 in 1985 (Bell, Stuck, Mass and Ickx in the classic Rothmans Porsche 962); Le Mans since 99; driving around the Spa GP track the day I bought my Alfa!
Other hobbies/interests/skills History and music, skiing and cycling, design and writing...
Currently listening to Massive Attack's 100th Window; Lovage (Mike Patton lounge project)
Website http://t-spark.co.uk/

Nationality Spanish
Location Barcelona
Status Married
Drives Ford Probe 24V
Motorsports addictions F1, Prototypes, CART, LeMans, .... all with motor and wheels
Software skills Photoshop, Mastudio, UltraEdit,...
First computer Don't remember. After first, PC286...
First videogame addiction GrandPrix, Indycar, GP2,...
First car Mini 1275 GT
Notable motorsports pilgrimages GP F-1 Catalunya Circuit since debut, Jarama F-1 old years, go to see F1 free tests in Montmeló.....
Other hobbies/interests/skills Tennis, Modelism, Sim Racing
Currently listening to Mark Knopfler

Nationality French
Location Belleville-sur-Saône, FR
Status Single
Drives My bike
Motorsports addictions Sport cars/prototypes, F1 and WRC from 1970 to 1990, hillclimbs
Career Used to be a sound engineer
First computer 486 DX
First videogame addiction TOCA, F1-2002, Flight Simulator, Super Nintendo
Notable motorsports pilgrimages Many hillclimbs since 1978, rallyes, GP F1 2005 at Magny-Cours
Other hobbies/interests/skills Musician (drums, guitar, keyboards, PC)
Currently listening to Engine sounds, The Gathering, Archive, Young Gods

Nationality American
Location Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Status Married - 2 kids (grown and gone)
Drives 1995 Dodge Dakota
Motorsports addictions Le Mans, ALMS, most GT series'
Career software development
First computer 8MHz 8088
First videogame addiction Unreal, NFS-HS
First car Honda Civic
Notable motorsports pilgrimages Laguna Seca ALMS, Portland Historics
Other hobbies/interests/skills Mountain Biking, Reading, Computers, Music (Bass/Guitar/Keys)
Currently listening to Tool, Saliva, Godsmack, SuperSonic Soul Pimps, Infectious Grooves, Suicidal Tendencies

Nationality Canadian (Quebec)
Location Gatineau (QC), near Ottawa
Status Married - 1 little daughter for one year
Drives 2004 Subaru WRX Wagon...love it
Motorsports addictions F1-Cart-Nascar-Le Mans-anything with a motor
Career Actuary for Canada Social programs
First computer TRS80
First videogame addiction Turbo on Coleco
First car Honda Civic DX Hatchback 1992
Notable motorsports pilgrimages GP of Trois-Rivières 1976-1996...Montreal F1 race 2005
Other hobbies/interests/skills Mountain bike, drawing
Currently listening to Green day, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte...but open to any style...